Are you a true Seattlite?

Sure, you love Seattle. Maybe you even live there. But do you KNOW Seattle? This is a simple quiz about our Raincity that we have a love/hate relationship with(:

So, do you know the Em like you think you do? I promise, this is EASYY if you live here..... otherwise, good luck! I'm sure it'll be fine though(: Yup!

Created by: Kirsty

  1. It is 60 degrees outside and clear. You...
  2. Do you know how to promounce "Issaqua, Tukwila, Mukilteo, Snowqualmie, and Salmon"?
  3. What is Seattle famous for?
  4. We border...
  5. Pike place market has men throwing fish around?
  6. The Seahawks were led to the superbowl in 2005 by...
  7. The sounders are..
  8. You still go out in 45 degree, pouring down rain, misty wet weather
  9. The Pacific Science Center
  10. You've been to El Corazon, Studio Seven The Showbox, or the Paramount for a concert.

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Quiz topic: Am I a true Seattlite?