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  • you are 74% so weird

    i like your taste in weirdness you rock it out you keep it coming all the time! keep it up weird a74%

    WTH? How is my favorite color being yellow (But they didn't have that so I chose my 2nd favorite color is green) not writing on walls, and not owning a crystal ball make me weird.

    This quiz make is truly a dumb a**.

    I like music
  • The quiz make is a true weirdo.

    Yeah, that reminded me, I made a quiz that got to the top page, it was called: 'Are you cut out to survive being alone with a murder?' the comments told me they liked it, so that was good.

    What? Can't a twelve year old with nothin' better to do than advertise their quiz in the comments section complain about weirdo quiz makers?

    I like music
  • HEY! I AIN'T MEAN! OR CRUDDIE!(watever that means...)

  • I. AM. NOT. MEAN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !!!!!!!! (Or cruddie....but I AM weird!)

  • me not mean or cruddie ^_^ weird tho...


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