How Virginian Are You?

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Are you a Virginian or Not? That’s the true question. I am Virginian born and raised. Shenandoah Valley is my home. After the quiz meet us in the comments to talk about Our Virginia!

This is a 50 question, fun, but educational quiz all about the Commonwealth of Virginia! Some questions may be extremely challenging for someone from out of state. This quiz consists of multiple choice, fill in the blank and true or false questions and answers. Good Luck!

Created by: Lindsay L.
  1. The state capital of Virginia is also home to the Confederate capital. What is the state capital of Virginia?
  2. What is the largest city in Virginia?
  3. What is Virginia’s nickname?
  4. What is Virginia’s slogan?
  5. What is Virginia’s state shell?
  6. What is Virginia’s state bird?
  7. In the United States 13 states have officially claimed a dog breed for their state. What is Virginia’s official dog breed?
  8. What is Virginia’s state drink?
  9. What is the vegetable of Virginia?
  10. What is Virginia’s snack?
  11. What is Virginia’s state animal?
  12. What is Virginia’s state gen?
  13. Please fill in the blank. Virginia is not a state, it is a _________.
  14. Fill in the blanks. Virginia used to be much bigger. Virginia gave birth to two states which were _______ and _____ _______!
  15. What food is Virginia most known for?
  16. The 2nd oldest college in the WORLD is in Virginia. Which college is this?
  17. In a survey conducted in 2019 what is the estimated population of Virginia?
  18. Virginia has 30 State Park Service Units but only 1 National State Park which is?
  19. Fill in the blank. Virginia is ____ miles long from north to south!
  20. Fill in the blank. Virginia is ____ miles wide from east to west!
  21. How many United States presidents were born in the state of Virginia?
  22. Fill in the blank. Virginia has been dubbed the ______ capital of the world!
  23. Fill in the blank. The _____ building in Arlington Virginia is the largest office building in the entire world!
  24. Fill in the blank. In the early fall as the leaves begin the change colors a lot of tourists visit ______ ______!
  25. Fill in the blank. I’m 1776 a famous Virginian wrote the Declaration of Independence. Who was that?
  26. Virginia got it’s name from England’s queen, Queen Elizabeth I also know as ______ Queen.
  27. How many counties are in Virginia?
  28. Which county in Virginia has the highest median household income, it is known as the richest county in the state?
  29. What month is it the coldest in Virginia?
  30. Which month is it the hottest in Virginia?
  31. Fill in the blank. In _____ Virginia’s state quarter was released. It was 10th in line to be produced out of the 50 states.
  32. On the back of the Virginia state quarter _______ Virginia is honored, this was our nations first permanent English settlement.
  33. What is Virginia’s state flower/tree?
  34. What was Virginia’s first cash crop?
  35. What is Virginia’s geographic center?
  36. Fill in the blank. Virginia’s _______/_______ industry provides many of its residents with jobs. It was the first industry in Virginia and has always been the strongest with nearly 334,000 employees in Virginia as of this year.
  37. What town is the safest in Virginia, lowest crime rate?
  38. What city is the most dangerous, highest crime rate?
  39. Fill in the blank. In 1987 the classic film Dirty Dancing was filmed almost entirely at the Mountain Lake Lodge in ______ Virginia!
  40. Fill in the blank. The ______ River which starts near Front Royal Virginia is unique because unlike most rivers it flows north not south.
  41. From 1940-1997 the Virginia state song was “Carry Me Back To Old Virginia.” On Jan 28, 1997 Virginia Senate voted 24 to 15 in favor of changing the state song due to its racial lyrics. On July 1, 2015 the song _____ _____ _____ was unanimously voted in by the Virginia Senate and officially adopted becoming Virginia’s official state song!
  42. The 1st _________ was held in Berkeley Virginia in 1619.
  43. True or False Our state flag has a half naked lady on it?
  44. True or False The Appalachian Trail runs through Virginia?
  45. True or False Virginia’s academic calendar revolves around Virginia Theme Parks and has been that way since 1986. This ensures the kids will never have to choose between Homework and Rollercoasters!
  46. True or False Virginian’s don’t have accents! Everyone else does!
  47. Fill in the blank. Covering 301 acres ______ is the worlds largest living history museum!
  48. True or False Construction began on the Pentagon on September 11, 1941 exactly 60 years to the day before Flight 77 crashed into the building during the September 11, 2001 attacks. Nearly 200 people died at the Pentagon on September 11, 2001.
  49. For almost a century thousands of people visit Eastern Virginia every year to watch _____ _____ swim from Assateague Island to Chincoteague Island.
  50. Virginia has the worlds ONLY _____ museum.

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