How Lynchburg Virginian are You?

We fellow Lynchburgers don't get much attention. It is sad...But we have a history...Little does anyone even care...(Then again, we don't even care ourselves)...

So I decided to make us a quiz. It is high time we get some interest. Lets see if you really are from the beautiful (lol) city of Lynchburg, Virginia.

Created by: Kelly
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  1. If you were to go 15 minutes out of Lynchburg, what would you most likely see?
  2. It's a Friday night, around 11:00 pm...What are you probably doing?
  3. What do the letters "LU" mean to you?
  4. What road connects Memorial to Wards?
  5. What is La Caretta?
  6. It's 2 am...You are STARVING!!!! What two choices do you have to go to get some grub?
  7. Your mom works at Baptist...What type of place is this?
  8. River Ridge is what?
  9. What is known as "Restaurant Row?"
  10. If you went to EC Glass, what would be your most heated rival?

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Quiz topic: How Lynchburg Virginian am I?