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Whole Home is the set of green building standards that go into every new M/I home. We take the local building code and the standards outlined in Energy Star, then we extend them with our own standards. The result is an independently certified home that's cost efficient, clean, green and healthy. Our Whole Home standards save our homeowners money and improve the quality of life year "Ëśround. How do we know they save our homeowners money? They're independently tested and earn a Home Energy Rating System score...or HERS index that's used to calculate estimated monthly energy savings.

This is such an exciting time for M/I Homes-with the launch of our new interactive Whole Home webpage our buyers are able to see first hand the extend of our Whole Home commitment. Are you update to date on all the Whole Home offers our homeowners? Take the time to explore our brand new Whole Home Website at Mihomes.com and then afterwards take this short quiz. Become Whole Home Certified Today!

Created by: Kimberly Jackson
  1. What is the M/I Homes average HERS Index in our division?
  2. What is the HERS Index average for a home built before 2006?
  3. Is a higher HERS Index number better or worse?
  4. The key test used to calculate the HERS Index is done at the Pre-Drywall stage as part of the Thermal Enclosure Checklist?
  5. Which is NOT an advantage of sealing ductwork?
  6. Every M/I Home has R-49 blown-in insulation in the ceiling?
  7. A 2x4 Wall is insulated with
  8. A home with a rating of 58 HERS Index rating saves 30% of monthly utility bills versus an average re-sale home.
  9. If you have 25 Compact Florescent Light bulbs in a given home, how much are you saving a year in electricity costs vs incandescents?
  10. Which is not true about Thermal Camera Imaging?
  11. The second Third Party testing also makes sure that the punch list is complete.
  12. The Blower Door Test pulls air out of the home at an equivalent of outside wind of
  13. Which is NOT an advantage of PEX Piping?
  14. The Blower Door Test is used to test:
  15. A home built to 2006 IECC code has a HERS Rating of _____?
  16. Duct Work is tested by ____?
  17. Third Party Raters are ____?
  18. Low E Glass reflects less sunlight than regular glass
  19. A Whole Home inspection schedule consists of:
  20. The Whole Home Website Calculator can:
  21. The Radiant Roof Barrier offers ____ reflectivity and an increased R-Factor resulting in consistent temperature control and reduced energy consumption.
  22. M/I Homes uses paints and sealants that are low VOC. VOCs (or Volatile Organic Compounds) may have adverse health effects.
  23. What TWO Government Agencies make up Energy Star?
  24. What does HERS stand for?
  25. What does the customer receive from Energy Star that assures them that their home has a HERS score that meets Energy Star's standards?

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