Building 2 Animal Quiz

There are many who think they are worthy to be in Building 2, but few are really worthy. Come see if you really have what it takes to be considered a Building 2 master!

This quiz covers various animal topics as they have been discussed in Building 2. If you are in tune with the Building 2 Way, you'll be able to sail right through this quiz.

Created by: Mr. LaBeef
  1. Do capybara enjoy sitting under pipes with running water splashing on their heads?
  2. Can hippos kill you with just a glance?
  3. In Geese Unleashed, what weapons should you give the contestant?
  4. Can a monkey outrun an elderly person?
  5. A honey badger gets what he wants because:
  6. Could a hippo tear out the undercarriage of a car if attacking from a manhole?
  7. What is Benji's Arnold Shwarzen----- number?
  8. True or false: the spirit of the capybara watches over all of us on our day of birth.
  9. A rhino faces off against a hippo. Who wins. Oh, the rhino can shoot lasers from its eyes.
  10. A hippo could swallow __________ whole. (fill in the blank)
  11. During the worst capybara attack on humans on record, how many people died?
  12. If a hippos was unleashed on Vancouver, WA, what would the result be?
  13. Do honey badgers give up?
  14. Capybaras love to swim in ___________. (fill in blank)
  15. A hippo busts through the wall next you. You should __________. (fill in blank)

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