What's Your Spirit Animal?

Wondering what your spirit animal is? A spirit animal is an animal that represent your soul and character. So I made this quiz to help people find out what their animal is! I couldn't put all the specifics, but I covered the basics.

So this is a quiz of true or false questions, ok? So it's going to be quick. Oh! And please don't leave harsh comments! If I didn't get you right, just leave a comment and I'll make some changes! Please rate!

Created by: Sparkspiritt

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  1. You consider yourself loud:
  2. You have a large group of very close friends:
  3. You listen to a wide variety/lots of music:
  4. You have various beliefs in karma, voodoo, ghosts, ect.:
  5. You are "popular":
  6. You are considered stubborn and rude:
  7. Your dream vacation is on a island in the Pacific, with hot and humid weather:
  8. You have one close best friend forever:
  9. You like to joke around with your friends and pull pranks:
  10. You like to be alone, in the peace and quietness:
  11. You are smart (in school):
  12. Your smart (witty):
  13. You like to stay up late at night:
  14. You'd never give-up a battle/argument:
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Quiz topic: What's my Spirit Animal?