What is your spirit animal?

Lots of people want to know their spirit animal, which animal they share characteristics with and with which they would get along swimmingly. Everyone has one, because everyone acts like at least on animal.

Do you want to know what your spirit animal is? Maybe you are trying to work out your personality, see how others must veiw you or are just curious. Whatever the reason this quiz can help you.

Created by: Onewildwinter
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  1. You get caught doing something you shouldn't with a friend and you run away. You friend falls behind - what do you do?
  2. What is the value of x if: 3x=(2x+3)-1
  3. Your friend starts dating the person they know you like, what do you do?
  4. What animal do you see yourself as?
  5. Which is your favourite season?
  6. How may close friends do you have?
  7. Do you prefer...
  8. Do you think people should be executed for murder?
  9. What is your favourite colour?
  10. Did you enjoy this quiz?

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Quiz topic: What is my spirit animal?