What's your true inner animal?

What animal is your inner animal? What is your body and spirit alikes animal that you're most like? Take this quiz to find out your true inner animal!

There are many animals you could be, but I have chosen 5 of the most precious and popular animals and all ones that will make you feel good if you get them!

Created by: Emrald Ye
  1. You feel most comfortable...
  2. Do you like to be outside, or inside most of the time?
  3. Your favorite activity?
  4. If you could have a super power, it would be...
  5. Your lucky number?
  6. Your favorite color? (sorry, but it's important..)
  7. Which do you do more? Get crazy with anger. Get wild and out of control.
  8. Your worst sin?
  9. Your talent?
  10. How many kids are in your immediate family? (include yourself in the number.)

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Quiz topic: What's my true inner animal?