How updated are you with this site?

Do you know this site well enough,or do you need to take a double take before each answer??? Every person on this site can take it,see how smart you are,maybe you are,maybe not,but I can assure you you will probably get a fairly high grade,because like my teacher says, it's impossible to get a zero unless you leave the test blank...

So, do you know this site well enogh to get 100%? Are you able to rank as a leader,or will you just be a deputy,or the average rate,a warrior? It is impossible to get a zero, and even if you failed you still probably got a grade higher than a zero.

Created by: Cinderwilow
  1. When is this site's anniversary?
  2. Who is the leader of Breezeclan?
  3. What was the hackers name that hacked us in november?
  4. Who created this site?
  5. Who is the photoshop wizard on this site?
  6. Who is the leader of Darkclan?
  7. who plays Pain,the leader of Pain's gang?
  8. Who is the deputy of fireclan?
  9. Who is the top contributer?
  10. What is the site's email?

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Quiz topic: How updated am I with this site?