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  • 52% not ugly? EXCUSE ME??? Rated this AS LOW A POSSIBLE!!! u scare people at the store??? Seriously? 😡

    SassySlytherinxx Mar 2 '19, 10:25PM
  • i have a i pod 5TH generation so yeah

    princessmerit Oct 17 '15, 8:59PM
  • 60% "eeeew gosh is that a pimple!" YES THAT IS A PIMPLE, AND IM PROUD OF IT!!!! It's says you really need to put makeup on, honey I dont need makeup to cover up my flaws, beauty is on the inside, not the outside, the person who made this is FUGLY, INSIDE AND OUT!!! Wow great way to raise everyone's self esteem!!!

    Quiet girl677 Feb 8 '15, 11:45PM
  • Um... ouch? This quiz was stupid

    LostForever Nov 9 '13, 9:43PM
  • How bout if someone told you that you were so fugly that you dont have any friends and that your a piece of dodo

    Im not tryin to be mean im just stating the facts here

    shinedown Feb 25 '13, 11:01AM
  • I dont need any freakin makeup!!!

    I think this was a waste of everyones damn time

    shinedown Feb 25 '13, 10:59AM
  • I'm 71% not ugly.. And it says " you're ugly!!! Go to a beauty salon or something! Ew!" Thanks? Way to raise my self confidence.. Not! -_-

    Girl98 Jun 6 '12, 1:54AM
  • This quiz was fn stupid i scored 71% it tells me at the bottom not ugly but then says have to many zits cover it up wow! Thanks for pointing out my flaws waste of time.

    unicorns Dec 21 '11, 1:09AM
  • omg! it said that i was 81% NOT ugly and then it said how ugly i was and in my opinion... this quiz is stupid.

    wapygirl13 May 14 '08, 5:09PM
  • ok it says im 84% NOT UGLY but the description is about how ugly i am so that does not make sense

    i like to think of myself at least in the middle so y i got that idk and what do politics have 2 do with being pretty so this quiz pretty much sucks

    livinlaughinlovintillidie May 14 '08, 4:01PM
  • it's true. i'm in between.

    misskiss May 14 '08, 7:05AM
  • i'll rate this 0/100

    Soccerstar May 14 '08, 1:31AM

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