how ugly are you???

There are many people who are pretty, ugly, or beautiful. Being ugly is quite often in people's lives like when you see your bff looking in the mirror and saying "i look sooo beautiful" when in your mind your saying "what is she/he thinking he/she is sooo ugly so, just quiz em and let them see thier true selves.

Are you as pretty, ugly, or beautiful as people say you are then make sure they are right and take this wuiz, it WILL reveal real YOU not wat people say, it's wat the quiz says the quiz is ALWAYS right never wrong. why do you think they put this quiz on internet? huh?

Created by: Natalie

  1. What is your age?
  2. What is your gender?
  1. At a mall u see the boy/girl that u've been crushing on your whole life, wat do u say or do?
  2. what do u wear everyday?
  3. how do ur FRIENDS describe u?
  4. If ur one of my friends then prove it, who is my teacher?
  5. Who do u go for?
  6. What dog do u think is the cutest?
  7. how many friends do u have?
  8. how many boyfreinds have u had before?
  9. how is your hairdo right now?
  10. wat i-pod do u have?

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Quiz topic: How ugly am I???