Detective Conan Characters Test

"Words are like a sword. If you use it in a wrong way, it can turns to ugly weapon." "I don't scare, because I know I'm not alone." "it's not a place for a traitor!"

"Like a rose. Outside, it's seems beautiful--but it's have so many thorns. Outside, she like a baby-- inside, she like a monster." "Cuts and deepest sorrow can only be cured with true love smile."

Created by: Cathy Anderson

  1. Let's start it with an easy question!
  2. My age is 16th years old. I'm a high school detective. My school is Teitan High School. I'm come from Tokyo Who am I?
  3. Hello! I'm high school detective's childhood friend and his classmate. I'm scare of ghost. I love karate. Who am I?
  4. I love grilled eel! I'm 1st grade student, exactly 1B. I love eat! Who am I?
  5. I'm 20th years old. I'm from Fukuoka. I'm a detective, but I kill a detective from Hokkaido. Who am I?
  6. Hi there! I'm a detective from Osaka! I love kendo! I'm a Detective From West. Who am I?
  7. I'm a scientist from black Organization. But I've been betray the organisation. I'm 18th years old girl. Who am I?
  8. I'm first grade student (1B)! My mom and dad are teachers. I have big sister. Who am I?
  9. I live with "The Sleeping Detective" the Black Organization is my enemy. I'm 6th years old. Exactly 16th years old. Who am I?
  10. I live with Professor Agasa. I'm a scientist. My big sister is murdered by Gin. And Black Organization try to kill me and Conan. Who am I?
  11. I'm a professor. I live beside Shinichi's house. Who am I?
  12. I'm a very bad people. I've been kill many people. And I try to kill someone who betray me. Who am I?
  13. I'm a FBI agent who lives in Japan. I have sniping skill. I've been faking death to save a CIA agent. Who am I?
  14. I'm a CIA agent who undercover to Black Organization. Who am I? Who's my clumsy little brother?
  15. I'm a doctor and a basketball coach. I'm 25th years old. Who am I?

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