Detective Conan Test

"There are many detective conan's lovers, but few is true lovers. Anata wa tantei desuka? Not just detective, you can be a detective. This quiz will give you code!"

"Are you're true Detective Conan's lover? All this time you can only imagine, after take this quiz, you'll know it! Don't worry if your score low, keep trying."

Created by: Kathleen Alexander

  1. Hello, the first question is... What's Conan's true identity?
  2. Who is Shinichi's crush and who crush on Shinichi?
  3. Who is Kazuha's crush and who crush on her?
  4. What code inside this: P t on U Mascara
  5. Wakasa...
  6. Mitsuhiko...
  7. Who is the stupid police inspector from Gunma?
  8. Shinichi's birthday...
  9. Ran's birthday
  10. James...
  11. Who killed Scotch?
  12. Rena Mizunashi is...
  13. Where James Black born?
  14. What's this mean: teiu?
  15. Who is Hidemi and Eisuke's father?
  16. Mary is...
  17. Who is Shuichi Akai's enemy?
  18. Toru Amuro's real name...

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