how Tuchux wench are you??

Year after year at event after event, Tuchux wenches consistently provide examples of heart, spirit, beauty and skill. They show time and again the strength it takes to stand beside the dogs as equals, yet still be obedient as is according to the nature of things.

I'm sure you've asked yourself many times if you had what it took to stand among them, those most beautiful and cherished of women, the strongest of steel wrapped in the finest of silk. Take this quiz and see if you're wise enough to walk this path that so few can!

Created by: Animal

  1. On the battlefield a dog comes running up to you with a piece of armor hanging by a broken strap screaming "DUCT TAPE" at the top of his lungs. You:
  2. You're at a party at pennsic. Over the course of the evening this guy keeps hitting on you. You:
  3. You're shopping and you see something pretty on the table. You notice the shopkeeper is eying you like a porkchop at a sunday picnic. You:
  4. It's getting dark and your dog is hungry. You:
  5. On your way to the porta potty you notice a group of dogs standing around some SCA wench ogling her. You:
  6. Some SCA wench in Tudor staggers past you in the heat of august at pennsic. You:
  7. You're at an event in the dead of winter. You:
  8. It's raining at pennsic. You:
  9. You and your dog are at a party in some SCA camp. You see some SCA wench all over your dog. You:
  10. Animal comes up to you and asks to see your boobs. You:

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Quiz topic: How Tuchux wench am I??