Blast from The past

Tv Now can't compare to Tv back then when each show had a meaning of not only fun, but morals and goals. Tv today is full of so much fantasy and make believe that it is highly unusual to find but a hand full of good shows to watch....

Do You think you have the stuff that true TV Watchers are made of? Do you remember the shows of yesterday that made us all laugh and smile? In just a few minutes you will find out!"

Created by: Shawne

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  1. In the Tv show "Gimmie a Break" What was the housekeeper/nannys name?
  2. In The Tv Show "Sanford & Son" Who was the neighbor that owned the goat?
  3. In The Tv Show Mork N Mindy, who did mork report to?
  4. From the Tv Show Fame In the opening song " Fame, I'm gonna live forever, Im Gonna learn how to ______" Fill in the blank!
  5. In The Tv Show Land of the lost, The people risked being eaten by
  6. In The Tv Show The Fraggles , The fraggles with the two pig tails was called....
  7. In the Tv Show The Jeffersons Tom and Helen Willis had a son named
  8. In The Tv Show The Love boat the bartender's name was
  9. In the tv show Webster the star's real name was
  10. In the hit show Good Times, Thelma ended up marrying....
  11. In The tv Show Whats Happening Roger had a sister who went by
  12. In The Tv Show The Facts of Life, there were three 5 main characters Ms. Garett, Joe, Natalie, Tutie,Blair Who wore roller skates most of the time?
  13. In the same show The facts of life, who was the toughest?
  14. In The movie, the color purple who was Mister and celie in love with?

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