How Tuchux are you?

Tuchux means different things to different people. It's alwys interesting to see what it means to others. Lets see if you're truly a Tuchux or if you're just wishing.

So, are YOU Tuchux? Think you got the attitude to go with the fur and muscles? Take this quiz and see for yourself! See the world through the eyes of a barbarian!

Created by: Animal

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  1. What does "Ooooowah" mean?
  2. "You are ready to go to battle at an SCA event. First you:
  3. You're going on guard duty in an hour. You make sure that:
  4. The person across from you in the line fight hasnt accepted the last 5 or 6 blows you've given them. You:
  5. You get hit on the shin, from behind, or kicked/elbowed/punched. You:
  6. The SCA woman at the party that starts talking to you has a face like a billygoat and thinks you're the hottest thing since John Stamos. You:
  7. What does "Uta" mean?
  8. What's a "Jimbo"?
  9. You find the very hot SCA woman attempting to get your attention. You:
  10. Someone introduces themselves to you as a king. You:

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Quiz topic: How Tuchux am I?