How to tell if you've started puberty.

Have you started puberty, do you want to find out? Dont hesitate, take part in my 'puberty quiz' and have fun! (100% girls only.) If your a boy dissapear!

Have you started puberty? Come and find out with my puberty quiz. My quiz will tell you how far away from puberty you are. My results are 100000% acurate.

Created by: Shaniqua english

  1. How much hair do have? (Down there!)
  2. How much hair do you have on your nipples?
  3. How much hair do you have underneath your armpits?
  4. What is your age range?
  5. Does liquidy white stuff apear on your knickers?
  6. How regularly do yet get liquidy white stuff on your knickers?
  7. Are you having tantrums (mood swings) ?
  8. When did your mum start puberty?
  9. What is your height
  10. What is your weight

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