Are to going through puberty quiz (GIRLS ONLY!!!)

Do you want to uhhh, know if you are going through puberty? Well, then take this quiz to find out!!!!! Please remember, GIRLS ONLY!!!!!!!!

Okay, so this "quiz" is for you to check if you are really going though puberty!!! GIRLS ONLY PLEASE!

Created by: Lalalulu
  1. What is your age?
  2. What is your gender?
  1. Do you wear a bra? Please answer truthfully.
  2. Do you wear deodorant? Please answer truthfully.
  3. Do/did you have a period already? Vaginal discharge?
  4. Do you use a pad etc... Please answer truthfully
  5. Has someone ever told you that you change emotions quickly? Have you noticed?
  6. Are you growing hair in your armpits? Please answer truthfully.
  7. Are you growing hair " down there"? (On your vagina)
  8. Are you starting to take an interest in boys? Please answer truthfully
  9. Do you think this quiz was helpful to you?
  10. Bye!!!

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