Calling All Girls (DaughterOfPoseidon)

So... Are all girls here? Good. Take this quiz, no matter what! It's important and all girls should know this quiz! Seriously take it, it's important!!

Live. Love. Laugh. Your eyes shine like pretty lights. Your smile is so gorgeous. Your hair is so precious. You. Are. Beautiful. I know it. Everyone knows it. And you should know it.

Created by: DaughterOfPoseidon

  1. Hey girls! First of all, if you're a guy please leave. This is for girls, but if you wanna stay. I won't stop ya! Moving on... This is for all those quizzes who make girls feel so insecure about themselves.
  2. Apparently they're called "Are You Beautiful?" quizzes. They seriously make me so sick! Now the results for those quizzes, I have no idea how people an type those down. Like "You're so ugly!" or something like that. It's SO wrong.
  3. You're all BEAUTIFUL, in our own special and unique way. Don't let those quizzes let you down. Remember no one's perfect, nobody. Even the most prettiest celebrities who you think they have perfect lives, well... They're not perfect. Now I'm not gonna lie, we all have our flaws. But in some way, were flawless and beautiful.
  4. Beauty doesn't mean how beautiful you are on the outside, beauty is also in the inside. Now as the Greek Myrhology lover I am, I'm gonna have to relate some of this.
  5. Take Aphrodite, goddess of love and beauty. Yes, in the myths she's the most prettiest but she spreads beauty by kindness and grace.
  6. I have one more last thing to say....
  8. Live
  9. Love
  10. Laugh

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