how to embarrassing the fnaf crew

this test is a baby sitter test. i thought it would be fun and if you like it, i will make one for something else to. there is embarrassing facts that are here in my fnaf Au

are you a good, embarrassing one, a fan girly one, or a dose not care one. you are the night guard/baby sitter for Freddy fazbear's pizza. AND PLUSHIES FOR EVERYONE *throws out fnaf plushes*

Created by: silverlightning985
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  1. hello my friends silver lightning here! and today my new quiz will be r.p. as our baby sitter. its going to be in the first pizzeria (freddy, bonnie, chica, springtrap, goldie, silver the bat (me), and shadow the bat (my twin). in this universe, mike is a baby sitter for all of us. are you set.
  2. you walked in and saw that mike was talking to the 7 kids. you learn that one of the kids have to wear diapers. how often do you change them during the day.
  3. silver(me) after his day of work, he had pizza stains all over his fur. what do you do?
  4. all of our tummy's growled. what do you deiced to make us?
  5. after dinner, you deiced that its was nap time. they slept for a long time, but then shadow woke up crying. he said he had a nightmare. what do you do?
  6. a little while later, foxy woke up, blushed, and said "umm y/n, i wet the bed" and then he cried. what do you do
  7. silver(me) woke up, and ran to the bathroom to throw up. he was sick. what do you do?
  8. you see springtrap (insert a major rule, hes breaking it). what punishment do you give him?
  9. any guesses before i revel who needs diaper's?
  10. its Freddy!
  11. bye
  12. p.s the oldest kid was springtrap who is 8

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