How tall will I be?

This is a quiz where your height is dertermained... You could end up towering over everyone or so short people think your a kid... But in the end this is just to let you know

If you've finished the quiz and you think the answers are completely incorrect, then sorry, this isn't that accurate. But it'll give you an idea how tall you might be, though I guarantee your final results will be only a few inches off the answers on here

Created by: Skaklez

  1. How old are you at the moment?
  2. How tall are you at the moment
  3. What types of foods do you eat?
  4. How tall is your dad?
  5. How tall is your mum?
  6. Oh and I forgot, are you a boy or girl?
  7. Do you stretch and/or workout?
  8. How much do you weigh?
  9. How much water do you drink
  10. And lasty... how tall do you hope to be?

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