How Tall Are You?

There are many other "How tall are you quizzes" go and take them, but you can take this one to. I put effort into my answers and I would appreciate it if you took it?

Are you tall? Short? Perfect? Take this quiz to find out, if you do ill give you a cookie. Jk I don't have cookies but if I do ill give you one :) Thanks for the support?

Created by: Person
  1. Do you jump up to touch the top of doorways at school?
  2. Do people ever ask you to reach things on high shelves for them?
  3. Do you have to look down to talk to some people?
  4. Were you considered tall at school? Did people ever tell you you were tall?
  5. Did anyone ever bump into you and look up?
  6. Do you think your tall?
  7. How old are you?
  8. How tall are you?
  9. Do you play a sport? Like basketball? Are you good at it?
  10. Do you wish you were taller, or shorter then you are now?

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Quiz topic: How Tall am I?