Forever and Always pt.6

Yes! AHA! It's finally out and guys it took me idk an hour to do this? I was timed so lucky you I type really fast. I seriously felt like a mad women when I was typing and Enjoy!:)

Guys Description: Alex: Ocean blue eyes, Jet black hair, tall, tan, wellbuilt, and a flirt. Chris: Hazel eyes, Blond hair w/ black streaks, nice tan, tall, lean but well built, and protective. Nick: Violet eyes, Dark brown hair, also tan, tall, well built, and charming. Jason: Soft green eyes, Jet black hair, pale, tall, lean but well built, and compassionate.

Created by: 33iZZy18
  1. Everything becomes awkward then you ask "Did you want a kiss?" He laughs and shakes his head "Gosh your so awkward." He chuckles a little but you were serious about your question "And I don't think right now is the right time for that." You sigh in relief and say "Okay." There was silence "How are we going to fix this?" You ask he stands up and says "I'll talk to them for you and also tomorrow we're going to start training." "Why did you come?" Before he leaves he smiles sideways at you "To clear my name and to tell you that I'm not mad a little dissapointed but not mad." Then he leaves
  2. You stare blankly at the door. You take a deep breath and close your eyes. 'What a night' You think to yourself then drift off to sleep. When you wake up you don't feel like getting up and just stay like that for what what feels like a few minutes when its actually a few hours. You hear a knock at your door, you glance at yourself in the mirrior and you like crap. Your hair is all wild, your eyes are red and sore from crying, and you have morning breath. "Hold on!" even though the guys are made at you, you still want to look good. You brush your hair and teeth and splash water on your face. You turn around to open the door, and when you do it's Chris. you just stand there "Hi." you say and he smiles "Hey." You stand like that for a few minutes then he says "Can i come in?" You open the door more for him to come in and he just sits on your bed and just stares at you. "Look, about yesterday... I'm really sorry it had to end up like that. I hope your not mad at me, sometimes I get pissed when someone interupts a moment like that especially when they look at me like that." You sigh in releif and say "Thank you for saying sorry." "Oh and training starts in an hour." You look at the time and it's 8 and you realize how tired you actually are. "Can we start later? I'm super dupper tired." He chuckles and says "I'm sorry but it takes a while to get to the place where we're going to and it's always better to train at noon when the sun is at it's highest, because that's when my power is at it's highest."
  3. You unwillingly agree, he smiles and leaves you to get dressed. You put on some shorts and a white tanktop with white converse. You put your hair in a ponytail and walk to the kitchen. When your about to turn around the corner you see Alex eating waffeles on the counter. You stumble backwards and hold on to wall and press your back to the wall. 'What do I do? What do I do?' You think to yourself. You breath in deeply and say 'You can do this!' You step into veiw smile and say "Hi, Alex."
  4. He doesn't look at you and he keeps eating his waffeles. "Uh-Alex I said hi." He still doesnt look. You go up to him and say "I came here, so we can make admends and you do this to me?" He still doesn't look at you. You start getting frustrated "Fine!" You stomp off to the living room and just stare blankly at the TV. After a minute you think 'I need to chill a little and cut him some slack.' You take a deep breath and make your way back to the kitchen and see that he's not there anymore, you really want to apoligize and so you go try to find where his room is at. You easily find his room and knock. No answer. So you just open it and there he is on his bed wearing glasses,which make him look so hot, and reading a titleless book, he sees you and you look into his mezmerizing ocean blue eyes and stand there. "Hey." you say he doesn't answer back again. You walk next to him and kneel down on your knees. "I understand that your pissed at me, but all i want to say sorry." He doesn't respond and continues to stare at you. "It's okay if you don't accept my apology, I understand." You get up to leave then you feel him grab your forearm then you feel yourself being turned around and you feel pressure on your lips. You want to pull away but instead you kiss him back because his lips are so soft and put your hands around his neck and he puts his hands around you waist. You stay like that for about a minute then you pull away and just stare into his amazing blue eyes. "I accept your apology to be honest i should've been the one to apologize. I was wasn't mad at all more like jealous, because I wanted to be the one to give you the first kiss." He puts his lips to your ear which makes you tingly "Hope you can forgive me." He lets go and your smiling "Of course I forgive you." He hugs you and you hug him back. You let go and he kisses you on the forehead and you leave. You walk outside and keep smiling like an idiot and you see Nick outside the door his his face showing no emotion but his eyes tell you everyhting, he looks hurt, angry, and another emotion you can't really pick out. "Nick-""Save it." Then he walks away.
  5. Your about to follow him when you hear Chris call out your name. You sigh and go to Chris. When he looks at you he says "Why do you look like you won the noble prize?" You smile again, remebring Alex. "Nothing I found 100 bucks on the floor." you lie casually and you keep smiling. "Okay... anyways ready to go?" "Born ready."
  6. **Cyrus's P.O.V** I draw on the stone wall of my cell then I hear the door open. I run up to the doors because they havent fed any of us in a week. "Cyrus, are bringing food?" Jasmin asks. She's weak and close to death, if it wasn't for my ability to heal she would a have been dead a long time ago. I myself am growing weak.
  7. They open our door and throw in a small figure. I can't really see anything because it's so dark. As I get closer I that the figure is crying. I squint my eyes and see a small boy, probually the age of 7 The boy looks at me with frightend eyes "Please, sir. Don't hurt me." His voice is like the sound of a small bell "I won't hurt you, I am here to protect you." He hugs me and says "Do you know where my sister is?" 'They found her.' I think to myself. About the time when her aprents died I knew she needed protecting so I put casted a protection charm on her, that's how they wern't able to find her for these past two years. "No, I don't know where your sister is." "Are you sure? She looks like this-" he takes a small little locket from under his shirt and opens it, inside is a pi. He looks at me with despreate eyes. "I'm sorry but no."
  8. You wake up to the feeling of someone nudging you, you open your eyes and see that it's Chris. "Whaaaaat?" You say a little grouchy. "We're here." You open your grogy eyes and see that your in the middle of a dessert "Where exactly is HERE?" He smiles "This is where we're going to train." He gets out the car and opens it for you, you step out "Okay, first we're going to start with making a protection sheild." "How do you do that?" "I'll show you." He walks about 10 feet away from you and closes his eyes He puts his left hand in the air with fingers pointing towards the sky then he starts draging his hand around his self like he's painting then starts doing some weird movements then fire starts showing it's following him the fire starts going around him up, down, sideways, and also some lines going in an X shape. Your so amazed and when hes done and open his eyes all you can say is "Whoa."
  9. He walks towards you "Got it? It's actually more simpler then it looks." "Yea, I could see that... could you do that again? And how do you, ya know, produce the fire?" "You have to think of something that makes you really angry." "Why does it have to be something that has to make me angry?" "Because it's more easier but, if you want to there is another way..." "Really?" "Yea, but its really hard but once you do it, you could do it forever." "What is the other way?" "Love." It catches you off gaurd and your confused "Love? But thats like the complete opposite." "Yes, I know my dad could do it he tryed to show me how but I never really met anyone to, you know, love no one can really do it. Unless you have someone you love besides your brother..." He started losing his breath when he was saying the last sentence. "No I never been dating or had a boyfriend before cuz I always had to take care of my brother, sure I've been asked out a few times but I always said no." "Which reminds me where are your parents?"
  10. You take a deep breath. "I've never talked to anyone about it..." You sit down and Chris sits next to you "Two years ago, when I was forteen, my parents were killed right in front-" You cut yourself off by crying but you were doing it silently he puts his arm around you and pulls you in you stay like that crying into his neck. You feel warm and safe, after a while you finally stop "How do you do that?" He asks "Do what?" you whisper "Cry really bad but not making any noise." You smile "After what happned to my parents they were going to separate me and my brother so I ran away with him and when I would get sad I wouldn't want him to see so I learned how to cry like this, Now its out of habit." You get up and hold out your hand to him. "C'mon lets start training."
  11. CLIFFHANGER!!! Omg I am so glad I got to get on the computer! I was doing most of this on friday in my computer class and luckily I wasn't caught:D but anywho I am so happy this is out and I was timed on this thing so sorry if it was a little crappy but :P Lucky you it came out but anyways I'm on summer vacation now so that means more parts soon!

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