What Eddswolrd Character are you?

Welcome to my first ever quiz, I hope you like it. I've been watching Eddsworld for 8 years going back to me in year 2 . This may not bee 100% accurate but ive tried my hardest

If you like this quiz please tell me and Comment who you got. I really hope you guys like you results. And for the record the last question dies nothing to your final score :3

Created by: Kittenpurpl607
  1. Whats your Gender?
  2. Whats your favourite pastime activity?
  3. How would your friends describe you?
  4. Whats your favourite song out of these?
  5. Whats your favourite line out of these?
  6. Whats your biggest flaw?
  7. Whats your biggest strength?
  8. Whats your favourite color?
  9. Your trapped in a life threatening situation, What do you do?
  10. Final question, Who do you want to get?

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Quiz topic: What Eddswolrd Character am I?