Which Main Eddsworld Character Likes You?

This is an Eddsworld quiz. This is also my first ever quiz so please go easy on me. But, please tell me what you think!

Created by: Cola.Leader
  1. Hewo! This is my first quiz. I'm going to start off by asking you a few questions. Then, the Eddsworld character will and finally you will get your results! Sound good?
  2. I'm sorry I need to ask this....What's your favorite color?
  3. Okay I don't wanna get killed soooooo.....Let's move on to the characters questions!!!!
  4. Me: Okay Edd ask a question!Edd: Um...Oh! What's your favorite hobby?Me: Good one Edd!Edd: Thanks!
  5. Me: *Pushes Tom in room* ASK.A.QUESTION!!!Tom: Ugh fine. Are you a morning person or a sleep for days kind person?Me: I'm not even gonna complain...
  6. Me: Okay Tord ask a question. NOTHING SEXUAL!!!!!Tord: Your no fun. Are you an active person?
  7. Me: Okay Matt your the last one. Ask a good question!Matt: What would you rate me!Me: -.-
  8. Me:Okay! Now all ask 2 more questions and you'll be done!Me: What is your ideal date?
  9. Me: Finally! Last question. Who do you see more as a brother than a lover?
  10. Welp! That's all. Sorry if this was short. But either way I hope you enjoyed! Bye!Edd: See ya!Matt: *Looking in mirror**Looks up* What?Tom: *Does short wave*Tord: Goodbye~

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