How tall are you?

Many people want to know if they are really tall or short. Are you one of them? Because if u r, if ur sikk ov peepl tellin u dat ur tall nd u want 2 find out 4 urself den this is the quiz 4 u!

Just answer a few simple questions and see if you are tall or short. But it doesn't matter's not important but perhaps you want 2 find out!

Created by: Mezzie

  1. What is your age?
  2. What is your gender?
  1. Can you reach the beans on the top shelf?
  2. Do you like the song One Time by Justin Bieber(no effect)?
  3. Does it hurt your back when you bend over to tie your shoelace?
  4. OW!
  5. Are you tall?
  6. Are you short?
  7. Hi
  8. do u dream of being tall
  9. Are you taller than 2 metres?
  10. ok bye

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Quiz topic: How tall am I?