what type of plant are you ( random quiz)

have you ever looked at the tall oak and said that tree is like me strong tall not afraid to show its true colors well with this quiz you can see how much of mighty oak you really are or are you just a weak little insignificant sappling.

Ever wonder what kind of random thing you might be take plants for instance you always see them but never really notice them with this quiz you gonna find out just how noticeable you really are (even though you in plant form).

Created by: nez1996
  1. What is your age?
  2. What is your gender?
  1. Do you like being outside
  2. Do you eat alot
  3. Are you tall
  4. Are you strong
  5. are you cool
  6. do you have children
  7. if you were a tree and someone tryed to cut you down what would you do
  8. Do you play an insturment
  9. Do you smeel good
  10. Last one do you think this quiz was gay

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Quiz topic: What type of plant am I ( random quiz)