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My quiz is just about whether or not you have a life. Uh I have to make this description at least x amount of characters (but I am not allowed to mention how many because this website sucks) so I will therefore just place random symbols in the space provided for me. Aww apparently my description cannot contain gibberish or excessive repeating characters so therfore I am dissapointed. I guess that I also lied to you when I said that I would type random symbols so please do not hold that against me.

My quiz is just about how much you are like Hubbell Smith (I am sorry Mike Hackett for stealing the idea of making a quiz about yourself from you; and I still agree with your thought that Lauren Black looks like a deer).

Created by: Hubbell Smith

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  1. Is your name Hubbell Smith?
  2. Did Mike Hackett give you a nickname that has to do with Trogdor, but you do not understand how it ties into your Mexican ancestors?
  3. Do you try to blame everything bad that happens in your life on calculus even though it has nothing to do with anything that is happening in your life?
  4. Do you get viruses that were probably created by an Asian (which is the politically correct term even though it is politically incorrect to stereotype a whole race of people like that) prevent you from getting on the internet?
  5. Do you listen to Lostprophets for eternity because they are the greatest band ever (or at least in your lifeless mind) and Seth Lyles made you listen to them any time you ride with him?
  6. Are you making this quiz when you should be studying for Anatomy because studying is all you do?
  7. Has a friend ever recommended an art exibit that had naked women and you went because you are amazingly perverted only to find out that the women that they spoke of were over 80 years old?
  8. Have you ever been stuffed in a locker at the locker room that was closed due to a immense stack of weights that were set in front of the locker and you tried to get out by yelling at your coach, but he just kept walking because he was thought that he was
  9. Does your mother talk in her sleep and say "Hubbell go practice the piano"?
  10. Do you know what the Vestibulocochlear Cranial Nerve is and can you make a graph of a function by using Calculus?

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