Which mythical creature are you?

Do you ever imagine yourself in a world of fantasy and adventure? Well take my quiz to match your personality to the creature you would be. Its short, primarily accurate, and fun. Don't you really want to find out if your a twelve foot tall beast or a five inch tall creature?

Dragons, unicorns, leprechaun, and vampires. These creatures are not in my quiz, but what out what you really are by taking it! If you are lucky enough, you could end up being a human!!!

Created by: Brad
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  1. Your teacher or boss mentions that you have a 15 page report due tomorrow. How do you react?
  2. An old lady asks you if you could help her find her prostate. How do you respond?
  3. Your friend invites you to her birthday party which is celebrated at a real haunted house. How would you feel?
  4. How do you dress?
  5. What would you prefer?
  6. What colors do you like best?
  7. Which career would you want the most?
  8. What does valvite mean?
  9. Your best friend betrays you, so you...
  10. How are you feeling right now?

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Quiz topic: Which mythical creature am I?