How SWEDISH Are You?

This is a quiz about your personality and is it anything like an average Swede? If you're wondering are you Swedish in personality, take this quiz and find out!

Maybe you are a Swede in the inside. Or you just might have many Swedish friends and your attitude happens to be similar to theirs. Let's just find out!

Created by: Lucky
  1. Someone you never met in your life before comes up to you. You...
  2. Are you patriotic? (Press IDK if u don't know what that means)
  3. What is your most important word?
  4. How do you find Winter as?
  5. Are you religious?
  6. Someone just says hello without introducing him/her on the phone.
  7. Are you patient enough to wait for 3 hours in a long line?
  8. You feel like going to the bathroom. Do you...
  9. Are you good at complimenting other people?
  10. What do you think you got (also asking this because of the 12 question rule)?

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Quiz topic: How SWEDISH am I?