How sweidish r u??

The population of swedish people is 9 million and few know about sweden. Thats why you can test yourself right here! Do this test about basic questions and some Challenging questions.

How swedish are you really? Well find out now. Just a some mouse clicks away. Who knows maybe you are born to be Swedish or maybe not. Remember Sweden has done big things, and if you have no idea what, well take the test ;)

Created by: Ziooz

  1. What is a tipical swedish look
  2. Which band is not from Sweden?
  3. What food do u relate to Sweden?
  4. Where in the world is Sweden located?
  5. What language sounds like Swedish?
  6. What is the most normal name in Sweden? (girl name)
  7. Which shop is Swedish?
  8. What cellphone brand is Swedish?
  9. What car brand is Swedish?
  10. Have u been in Sweden?
  11. What movie has Stellan Skarsgard played in
  12. What color is the Swedish flag

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