How Smart You Are Test

This quiz is about how intellectual you are math-wise. There are 5 categories that I have entered into the statistics, this is a small test only a humble 13 questions.

Are you smart enough to be a Genius or are dumb like the rest of the population? Do you have the brainpower to keep up with the easy questions even the hard ones? Do you have what it takes, let's find out!

Created by: Alex

  1. What is 20/2+5(30+x)=
  2. 6x3+8=
  3. 10/2+5(2-n)
  4. 6+2
  5. If you go to the store with $15 and want to buy 4 video games which cost $10 each, you go back home and get enough money to buy the 4 video games. How much money did you get from home when you went back for the extra money?
  6. 7+8-9+5
  7. 2p+12+4p+6=
  8. 5+9
  9. /6/
  10. Do you get what you are taught in school?
  11. 5+5

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