What Type of Expat are You?

The life of a travelling expat is usually very social. We meet people weekly, sometimes even daily in all kinds of different circumstances. The sad part is that the vast majority of these people exit our lives' all too soon. If travel has taught me anything it's that when you get to know someone on a very personal level, everyone is unique and special in their own way. Having said that, I must also point out that it is oftentimes very easy to identify certain patterns that the majority of people seem to follow within the expat community.

The reasons we started travelling, why we left, what we expect to find, and what we want from the experience tend to conform to certain archetypes of behaviour. I've found that things like gender, age, and economic background usually have very little to do with which category people fall into. In recognition and celebration of this, I have compiled a list of all the types of expat I have identified so far. Answer the questions below and find out which type you conform to.

Created by: Ben Rozon
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  1. You are driving you're e-bike and an old lady is pushing a stroller in the middle of the lane. What do you do?
  2. How suspicious are you that your emails are being looked through or censored by Big Brother?
  3. How often can you be found in a bar on weeknights?
  4. What best describes your reason for coming to China?
  5. How often do you use your Momo account or Wechat's look around functions?
  6. How often do you go somewhere new, try a new food, or explore your city?
  7. A street vendor charges you 10 kuai for a slice of melon. You...
  8. Your Chinese boss tells you on Friday at 5pm that you need to work that Saturday.
  9. You just finished a dinner date with a gorgeous Chinese girl and you're planning your next move.
  10. You find out that everybody else in your occupational position is making more than you.
  11. You've just entered a temple and you're wondering if you can take pictures.
  12. You've had a few drinks and your e-bike is waiting in front of the busy club to bring you home.
  13. Your expat friend just bought an e-bike and can't buy food or the week.

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