*The Street Smart Quiz*

Are you street smart?Many people are book smart,cook smart,and even athletically smart.But are YOU street smart?Well,I will be the judge of that question.So take this quiz,and I'll be waiting with your results.

Hey,why do we have to write 2 sentences,like whats the logic?Wouldnt you write everything that you want in the 1st sentence?Idk and IDC....ENJOY THE TEST!

Created by: Miranda Bynez
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  1. If you see a perfectly good sandwich in the trash at McDonalds,would you eat it?
  2. What if you saw a bag of Doritos almost full,but on the sidewalk near the trash open?
  3. A half melted chocolate bar sits open on the sidewalk,what do ya do?
  4. A guy asks,'Want some lemonheads?'....would you take it?
  5. You witness the pizza place throwing away like 4 perfectly good pizzas,would you get thim out the trash?
  6. You see an apple tree with tons of huge juce apples,you pick one and eat it....whats wrong with this?
  7. Your friend offers you a sip of his soda after he took a slurp....what do you do?
  8. Your in a public bathroom and you go in a stall,(4 gurls),do you cover the seat?
  9. (4 guys):You go in a stall to poop,and there is pee all over the toilets....what do you do?
  10. Your making fried chicken,do you wash your hands before or after?
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