scream street quiz

This quiz is about a set of books called Scream Street.There are 13 books if you've read them take the quiz.The quiz is 10 questions long so not much.

Have you read Scream Street books do you think your ready to take my quiz. All you need to do is answer 10 different questions and then you will find out if your a Scream Street resident.

Created by: rhiannon

  1. Who is the main character in scream street?
  2. How old is Niles Farr?
  3. What is Dixon?
  4. How many Scream street books are there?
  5. Who are the three zombies called?
  6. What does the word trio mean?
  7. What isn't a kind of character?
  8. Which is a kind of character?
  9. How does the doorway to scream street shrink?
  10. Is Sir Otto Sneer...

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