Scream street quiz! are you a resideint?

you have been moved to scream street but do you know anything about this place? are you a normal resideint of a newbie? can you survive the nightmares?

take this quiz to find out and mayby escape this place! thanks to this quiz you will find out what resideint you are and comment on what monster you would be! (i am a ghost dog!)

Created by: Lucy young
  1. Okay you are moving into scream street and see a small girl in bandanges. who is she?
  2. who is the landlord?
  3. Which one is not a relic?
  4. which IS a relic?
  5. what is Lukes second name?
  6. why is revus (cant spell the name so its the vampire boy) cleo and luke in scream street
  7. Why do they need the relics?
  8. what is doug
  9. who is Dr.skully
  10. what is the first relic
  11. okay why did you take this and will you leave a comment?

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Quiz topic: Scream street quiz! am I a resideint?