how street are you ?

there are plenty of street people out there. from 50 cent to people in your first period class. street. what is it? it's how cool you are in a certain group of people.(everyone is equally cool in their own unique ways)

are you street ? would you like to be street? is your dog street? if youd like to find out get old fido out of the back yard and take this quiz for you, your dog or anybody else who you think or know is cool

Created by: c dogg

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  1. what does "wangster" mean
  2. what does dawg mean ?
  3. what does tight mean ?
  4. what is bling ?
  5. what is ice
  6. which of the following have been shot?
  7. what is sup short for ?
  8. where do you wear a do-rag properly
  9. are baggy pants considered cool in most places ?
  10. where did baggy pants origenate

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Quiz topic: How street am I ?