How Swedish Are You?

Well, you've decided to take the "Swedish" test. Maybe you are swedish, and you're just doing it for fun, maybe you're not. I don't really require anything from you, the person who's taking this quiz. It's just to see how much you know about Sweden, the swedish culture etc. So take the quiz, enjoy and check your score when you're done!

How Swedish are you, really? Do you have what it takes to call yourself a sweed? Well, take the test and find out. Maybe this quiz will show you something you didn't know about yourself...? It's worth a try, right?

Created by: Sara
  1. What's the capital of Sweden?
  2. What colors does the swedish flag have?
  3. What is the age of consent in swedish law?
  4. What swedish politician was murdered in 1986?
  5. Which of these groups are NOT from Sweden?
  6. Which of these last names are typically swedish?
  7. Which of these following things would you connect Sweden to?
  8. Now, where exactly is Sweden? (Try not to look at a map...)
  9. Mention two swedish cars.
  10. Every summer, there's a big festival in a not so very big swedish town. Famous bands and artists comes to perform there, but also some localbands and not-so-famous bands. The name of this festival is also the name of the town. What is it called?
  11. Now we've been through the location, a little politics, music and so on, so let's move on to something else. There's something that we swedish people really appreciate without thinking. What could that be...?
  12. We've reached the final question. Why did you do this test?

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