Which Rainbow Taco Member Are You?

Rainbow Taco is the most amazing band since The Archies. Their songs yank at your heart strings and make you wonder why you weren't invited to the party. They'll warm your heart, melt your face, and dig your car out of the snow.

So which member of Rainbow Taco are you? The Boy? The Girl? The neighbor who comes in to tell you that there are Swedish Twins waiting in his apartment? There's only one way to find out...

Created by: Marty
  1. Have you made out with a Tranny?
  2. Do you think you're the next Kool Moe Dee?
  3. Are you a Cholo?
  4. You're breaking my hear. You're tearing it apart so...
  5. You guys want some cookies?
  6. If you were stuck in traffic and had to pee would you do it into a bottle
  7. Synthesizers are...
  8. Do you make perfect fart noises with your mouth?
  9. Babies...
  10. While doing this quiz you thought to yourself...

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Quiz topic: Which Rainbow Taco Member am I?