Are you a true Swede?

Here you can truly find out if you're a Swede, loyal to his nation or not! Only one way to find out, if you truly appreciate the Great nation of the Swedish Kingdom.

Hopefully, you'll get 100% and answer the questions honestly with integrity to your answers. The only one who may know the honest truth is yourself and yourself only.

Created by: Kevin
  1. Do you love the Great nation of Sweden?
  2. Do you have cultural similarities to the Swedish nation?
  3. Would you sacrifice yourself for the Great nation of the Swedish Kingdom?
  4. Would you, in a time of war, do everything in your power to sabotage the enemy of the Great nation of the Swedish Kingdom?
  5. Do you cherish the great Swedish national dishes, such as meatballs?
  6. Do you have the belief that the Swedish culture is superior to other cultures?
  7. There is no other nation that is greater than the Great nation of the Swedish Kingdom?
  8. Sweden should leave the European Union in order to maintain the current standard of living.
  9. Sweden should no more take any refugees until the nation is once again stable
  10. Sweden should banish any foreign citizens who violate Swedish law

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Quiz topic: Am I a true Swede?