How stupid are my inlaws

This quiz is scientifically designed to measure the stupidity of your inlaws and to help you quantify the level of rage, or lack of, you feel towards these people that have been forced upon you by marriage.

Thank you for taking this opportunity to take this quiz. Feel free to print the results and share them with the whole family. Please answer honestly!

Created by: Big Black Rudy
  1. When they visit, they stay for how long?
  2. Do they come from another country when they visit?
  3. What is their most annoying habit when they visit?
  4. How do they view you as an inlaw?
  5. When they decide to gossip about you, do they....
  6. Is your side of the family a "good family"
  7. Do they view your children as the devil?
  8. What nationality are your inlaws
  9. Did you find this quiz theraputic?
  10. My mother in law resembles a

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