That 70s Show Trivia!

There are many 70 lovers but do you love it enough as to where you can pass with out a flaw?The show is quite awesome.So you just skip the ugly retarted annoyingly stupid paraghaph and go take it.

Im just gonna repeat it again.GO AND TAKE THE QUIZ!!Stop reading this and take it.This thing is very stupid and im tired of typing so go take it.I hope you like it it took a while.

Created by: that70sshowlova

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  1. What happened in the very last episode of all time?
  2. Who did Fez fist do-it with?
  3. Who does Fez end up with?
  4. What was Kitty's dogs name?
  5. What does Eric choose for a job?
  6. Whats Donna's new nickname when she dies her hair?
  7. Who wasnt Jackies Boyfriend?
  8. Whats one of Jackies remarks about Donna's feet and hight?
  9. Whats Red's Catch Phrase?
  10. What does Hyde sell at the Formans yardsale?
  11. What one of non stupid thing Kelso did.
  12. Who still like disco out of the teens?

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