How sporty are you??

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There are amy people who play sports but not too many are sporty. theres footall, soccer, hockey,volleyball,rugby, and so many more. I really hope you will take my quiz:)

There are many different kinds of sporty people. YOU???? 100% 75% %50 or even %0. take this qiz to find out.There are so amny ways to be sporty?? what kind are you???

Created by: Jenny

  1. What is your age?
  2. What is your gender?
  1. Do you have a healthy BMI??
  2. How many sports do you currently play??
  3. Do you like excercizing??
  4. What kind if excersizing do You enjoy??
  5. Do you use your left or your right side of your brain while playing sports?
  6. Do you have any sports jeresys??
  7. Do you often watch sports events on tv or attend them??
  8. Are you a jock??
  9. Do you like sports???
  10. Are you a team player???
  11. What is your favorite sport??

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Quiz topic: How sporty am I??