What Volleyball position should you play?

Want to play volleyball but don't know what position is best for you? Step right up folks and take this quiz to determine which position is best for you!

I only added 6 positions, no middle blocker, wing spikers. Just blocker and spiker. There's ace, decoy, libero, setter, spiker and blocker. So have fun!

Created by: Suki

  1. How tall are you?
  2. How fast are you?
  3. Can you take a hit?
  4. Can you jump high?
  5. How stubborn are you?
  6. What position do you want?
  7. We're not done. How much practice do you do?
  8. Why do you like volleyball? (Just curious)
  9. Can you easily adapt to other's playing style?
  10. How selfish/self centered are you? Be honest
  11. How shy are you
  12. How much communication do you have with your school project partner?

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Quiz topic: What Volleyball position should I play?