How Sporty Are You???

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Have you ever wanted to know how sporty you are? You may look at a game on TV and think that you would like to play that sport. However, you are uncertain of your sportiness and talent. Well, here you can discover your sportiness level from low to extreme!

Are you as sport-obsessed as the greats such as Michael Jordan and Babe Ruth? Could you become a pro sports player? Do you have a real love for the game? Find out in this helpful quiz? P-S- I don't really know you so results may not be accurate. If they aren't do not take offense and don't judge. Thanks! ;)

Created by: Erin Winter
  1. How much do you exercise every school day?
  2. If you had the chance to play a sport what sport would you play?
  3. On what level would you want to play your favorite sport?
  4. Do people often compliment you on your athletic ability?
  5. Would you rather watch or play a sport?
  6. How many players can you name on your favorite sports team?
  7. Who is Lebron James?
  8. How many sports do you play?
  9. It's the beginning of spring break! You decide to...
  10. Are you ripped or toned?
  11. Why do you play sports?
  12. Do you think you're sporty?

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