How Smart Are You?

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Most people don't care about history, but today, I will make you care. History you say is boring and blah. But what if I told you that History was Weird and Wacky?

That's Right! How Smart are You? Do you know the boring history or the really awesome history that will blow away your whole history class! How about it?

Created by: Willow

  1. German money was once so _____.
  2. Kids in Ancient Greece played with _____.
  3. An inventor once designed diapers for _____
  4. What ingredient wasn't used in Persian Toothpaste?
  5. How many people were beheaded during the French Revolution?
  6. In the 1800s, women could get in trouble for wearing _____.
  7. Suspected _____ were buried with bricks in their mouth.
  8. What animal was once tried for murder?
  9. Some Vikings bleached their hair what color?
  10. Some Ancient Romans gargled _____ to freshen their breath.

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