How should you be punished

Have you been a bad girl/boy? Are you not sure what punishment you should get? Take this quiz and you better prepare your hairbrush! It will be featured a lot

Now I do hope someone actually takes this quiz But it was fun to make and I suggest you do your own! :) Well now I will give myself a wedgie because and I suggest you give yourself one too

Created by: Punish goddess
  1. What is your age?
  2. What is your gender?
  1. Why did you do it?
  2. Will you do what the results say?
  3. Who will spank you?
  4. What did you do? (Part one)
  5. What did you do? (Part two)
  6. Wha did you do? (Part three)
  7. Are you normally good or bad?
  8. Are you sorry and do you regret what you did?
  9. Will you do it again?
  10. Are you nervous?

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Quiz topic: How should I be punished