What punishment do you deserve?

Some people are good, but some people are bad. Some are in the middle, some are a bit more bad and some are a bit more good. Some have more extreme punishments than others.

Find out what punishment you need by taking this quiz. Will you have no punishment, a little punishment, a bad punishment, a terrible punishment or a super awful punishment?

Created by: Ha ha ha!
  1. What punishment do you think you'll get?
  2. Who's punishing you?
  3. Why did you play this quiz?
  4. What is the most badest thing you've done this week?
  5. What is the least badest thing you've done this week?
  6. Do you have a gang? If you do how many people are there in it? (Including you)
  7. Have you ever had a fight in your gang?
  8. What type of person are you in your gang?
  9. How many times have you been bad this week?
  10. Are you a goodie goodie or a devil?
  11. Did you like this quiz?
  12. Will you comment and rate?
  13. Will you do whatever the result is?

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Quiz topic: What punishment do I deserve?