The Guardian: Part 13

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Hey everyone! So.... I've decided to actually just cut this one short. I know I told you all I'd do like, nine more.... But... I'd like to start the sequel soon. So, there will only be two or three more of this one!

By the way... Sorry if this one isn't as good, but I swear the next one will be better. I'm just going through a little writers block, but it shouldn't last long!

Created by: ghettobabe4ever

  1. I gave a tiny sigh as I leaned back against a red beanbag chair, Zach and I in the livingroom watching 'Spongebob Squarepants' reruns while eating bowls of Lucky Charms. " I'm a goofy goober, Rock! You're a goofy goober, rock!" Zach sung off-Key, allowing me to join in with him.
  2. " Gasp! You have the voice of an angel!" he teased, giving me a small shove as I hopped up to my feet. " Mneh." I said, sticking my tongue out as I put my bowl in the kitchen. " Can you believe the guys left us two idiots alone here?" he asked, giving me a wild smile as he ran into the kitchen, sitting his bowl in the sink. " Hard to believe." I said, laughing as he did an awkward dance across the kitchen, running into the refrigerator.
  3. " Zach." I chuckled softly as he fell down. I walked over to him, sticking my hand out to help him up, but as his hand grasped mine, he tugged me down to the floor. " Ha ha." "Zach, now we're both stuck." I pointed out, frowning as his face went blank. " Auh! Life Alert! We've fallen and we can't get up!" he shouted, both of us laughing uncontrollably as we gave each other a shove.
  4. " For real, I can't get up!" I giggled, laying on the floor, laughing uncontrollably as he started to scoot around the floor, using a countertop to pull himself up. " Need help?" he asked me with a grin. " Well... Yeah, I guess." I said, blushing deeply as he gave a laugh. " What do I get in return?" " You get.... Hmm..... To not have to listen to me scream at you for not helping me up." I sighed softly. " Nah. You're heavy, Chicky. It'll take more than that." he said with a wink, going over to the cabinets. " Fine. What do you want?" I asked with a frown, watching him smile wildly.
  5. "Well... Hmm, I'll take a small kiss." he winked, my cheeks warming up as I furrowed my eyebrows. " Zach.... Seriously?! I... " " Oh come on. You know you want this." he said, motioning over to himself with a wild grin that made me laugh. " Fine." I sighed. He quickly walked back over, taking me by the hand and pulling me up, looking me straight in the eyes as he gave a wicked smile. " By the way... I lied. You're not heavy." he chuckled softly, pressing his lips against mine, just as the front door swung open.
  6. Before I could pull away, Grayson, Daemon, Blaze and Castiel walked into the kitchen, their mouths wide open as they spotted us. " What in the world!?" Grayson growled, running over to us and quickly yanking me away from Zach. " Man, you killed my fun." Zach pouted. " Well your ' Fun' involves MY future wife." Grayson hissed at him, Daemon clearing his throat. " I believe you mean OUR future wife." " No. I meant my future wife." Grayson said, walking away from me and standing in front of Daemon, who was glaring angrily.
  7. " You guys! Would you not fight?" I sighed softly, my blonde hair swaying side to side as I sauntered over to them, putting my hands on each of their arms to calm them down. " I'm sorry, Angelica." Grayson apologized, leaning over and kissing my nose, a tiny giggle escaping my throat. " So am I." Daemon said, playing with the ends of my silky hair with a smile. " I'm not!" Zach laughed, running over to me and slinging me over his shoulder, my eyes wide open as I gave a cry.
  8. " Put me down!" I giggled, his head shaking vigorously as he spun me around. " No way! We were in the middle of something and I'd like to finish it " he smiled, Castiel walking over with a frown. " I'm pretty sure you did enough." " No, not that! We were watching Spongebob Squarepants! We haven't finished our marathon yet." Zach explained, gently sitting me down on the beanbag chair in the livingroom. " Oh." Castiel laughed, blushing furiously.
  9. ***Louis***It had been a month since I had 'died', and a long one at that. I missed my friends and family, but most of all, I missed Angelica. Sure, there were many other Guardian girls up here, but none of them were as good as Angelica. They were all the same. All white haired with stiff creamy white wings... It really just wasn't attractive to me. " Louis. It is time." a voice called out to me, my heart racing as I gave a nod. " It's... It's time." I smiled, extending my wings.
  10. ***Angelica***" Gelly cat, go get me some Lucky Charms?" Zach asked me, purposely saying my name wrong to agrivate me. " Get it yourself Za-hack." I sighed, flipping over onto my side on my beanbag, burying my face deep into the fabric with a grin. " Oh, please! If you don't.... I'll talk about your booty again." " No! Anything but that!" I cried out, leaping up and racing to the kitchen, coming back with the box of cereal. " Well aren't you just a sweetheart. I reward you with a handful of Lucky Charms. Eat wisely my child." he said, filling my hand with cereal. " So generous of you." I rolled my eyes, sitting back down with a smile.
  11. A little while later, Zach stood up, grabbing his phone and turning on iTunes, music blasting from his phone. " Woot woot!" he laughed, going around the living room and doing his best impression of Beyonce, singing ' Single Ladies.'" If you liked it then you should've put a ring on it, if you liked it then you should've put a ring on it." he sung out, pretending to flip his hair as he pranced around batting his eyelashes.
  12. " Yo, Beyonce, watch where you're going." I frowned, his body landing on top of me as he tripped on a rug. " Well isn't this a lovely view." he teased, slowly crawling off of me, just as Blaze walked in. " Oh! Uhm.... Maybe I should just... Come back later." he stammered. My face burning crazily, I gave a nervous laugh, Zach doing the same. " No, it wasn't... We weren't doing anything." Zach said. " Yeah. Beyonce over here just tripped is all." I said, pointing at Zach with a frown.
  13. "Oh! Oh... Uhm... Haha. Uh... I made this sorta awkward." Blaze blushed, giving a small laugh as he tried to hide his face. " Zach to the rescue." Zach said with a wink, standing to his feet and doing his Beyonce impression again, slowly turning it into Rhianna, and then into Ariana Grande. " What in the world are you three doing in here!?" Grayson asked as he walked in the room, Zach finishing up ' Seven Rings' by Ariana Grande.
  14. " Don't even ask." Blaze shrugged, both of us chuckling softly at Zach as he posed in a flirty position, the song ending. " Brava." I teased, giving him a few claps, his eyes full of pride as he faked a gasp. " Why thank you! Auh! My fans! You're all so beautiful! Except for the two scruffy looking ones in the back." he laughed, pointing his index finger at Grayson and Blaze. " Who are you calling scruffy? I'm a fine specimen." Blaze frowned, Grayson frowning as well. " Ha." Daemon laughed as he and Castiel entered the room, taking seats on the couch. " No, you got nothin' on gelly cat." Zach said, pointing at me.
  15. " No argument there." Daemon winked, a giggle escaping my throat as I gave a small smile. " Well, it's getting late. I'm going to just go ahead and go to bed. Night guys." I waved standing to my feet and giving them each a hug. " Night Angel cat." Zach said, giving my cheek a quick peck before taking off in the other direction. " Auh. Whatever." I sighed softly, walking down the hallway and entering my room.
  16. With a small smile, I walked in, my nose crinkling as I smelled an odd scent drifting through the air. The smell, a harsh chemically smell, burned my nose as I inhaled, my lungs tingling as I tried to keep calm. My teeth began to chatter as a hand grasped my shoulders, looping their arms around my neck. "Auh." I gasped, breathing heavily as a pair of lips lingered by my ear, the persons voice raspy as they whispered. " Keep quiet, Angelica." the person said, throwing his hand over my mouth. Derrek.
  17. My body began to shake as he gave me a slight shove, nudging me to the window in my room. Doing as he wished, I stumbled forward, the aroma now affecting my eyes, my vision blurred. " You're going to pass out soon. Just let me carry you out, and don't make a noise." he whispered. " O.. Okay." I mumbled, turning to face him, my body sprawling across the floor as my legs gave out. " Auh. Guys! Help!" I shrieked, Derrek's eyes full of rage as he kneeled down to where I was, giving my head a quick kick. " You idiot!" he hissed, crimson blood oozing down the side of my face before I lost consciousness.
  18. ***Derrek***I quickly pulled her body into my arms, her head loosely hanging off my arms as I held her tightly. Taking off towards the window, I gently tossed her across the yard, then I jumped out myself, picking her back up and running to my Lamborghini. With a small grunt, I shoved her into the passenger seat, taking my seat beside her and starting the car with a grin.
  19. ***CLIFFHANGER***

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